Bear love
aids benefit

Sometimes it’s so easy to bug a neg. There’s no challenge to it. But since every faggot deserves the fatal fuk, it’s my duty to oblige. I was at an AIDS benefit, and this young bartender kept giving me the eye. I figured if he wanted me to dick him, I’d accommodate. So I started a conversation, and hinted I’d go home with him if he wanted. He got this look of lust in his eyes, and I knew I had a taker. He said be off in an hour, so I waited around in anticipation of shooting a killer load up his ass. I had his clothes off in no time. He had a good body and a nice dick, but it was his ass I was interested in. The easiest way to get into a faggot’s ass is to rim it, so I went to work on him. I had his legs in the air in no time. I spit on my dick, aligned it with his hole, and thrust my weapon inside his guts. He gasped, urging me to go slow, cause he hadn’t been fukked in a while. That turned me on, so I started to power-fuk him. I had one objective in mind—to blow a huge load of deadly cum deep inside his guts. He kept stroking, and I pulled his hand off and told him not yet. He told me that most guys who screwed him came in a couple minutes. I said that I had no intention of making this QUICK (which was true) and DIRTY—which was not. I started to really plow his ass. I wanted to tear him up a bit. After10 minutes, I was ready for the kill. I asked him where he wanted it. He said to shoot all over him, but NOT INSIDE. That made me smile, knowing he wanted to stay NEG but was taking my poz dick up his ass. “TOO LATE!” I said. He tensed in a last ditch effort to reject me. I shot what felt like a gallon of POZ jizz up his NEG ass. He went limp, accepting the inevitable. I kept fukking him, massaging my cum into his gut. He started stroking his pole again, and I let him. I flipped him onto his stomach, and slid my dick, slick with poz cum, back inside him. I started pumping again, and 20 minutes later shot my 2nd load of poison. I glanced at my watch. I’d fukked him for half an hour so far. My dick came out pink—cum mixed with blood. I pictured my virus entering his bloodstream, which made me hard again. I told him I needed to dick him some more. The grimace on his face told me he was getting pretty sore. But my needs came first, and I rode his neg ass for what seemed like an eternity (but was only 30 minutes). I finally shot my 3rd load. His hand went back to his pole, and I let him cum. I figured he deserved that much. He shot all over his chest—hopefully the last NEG load of his life. As I dressed, he told me he’d never been fukked him like that before, and that it’d been the best sex of his life. I agreed, but not for the reasons he was thinking. I told him to relax, that I’d get the door myself. I locked it behind me. I left him there naked, covered with his own cum, my deadly bug taking over his body. Not bad for an hour’s work.

tips to poz’ing

i’m a biker living in london, UK. And i’ve discovered 3 major ways of pozzing up unsuspecting negs, the first i discovered by accident when i was fucking a guy and the condom broke when i put it on. i fucked him anyway, feeling guilty and horny as hell at the same time. then i started pricking the rubbers in their packets, so that when i started fucking, they’d split. but this doesn’t always work, so now, to be extra sure, i go to clubs with a pair of nail scissors, pick up a handfull of condoms, go to the john, sit down and carefully cut open the packets, remove the condoms and snip a bit off the tip. then i roll it back up and slide it back into the packet. then i look for the guys who are into safer sex oly. i’ve done 100’s of guys using this method over the years.

the second method is more work, but more fun. i chat up negs on-line who want to bareback with other negs, i say, “i tested neg 1 month ago. i think becayse i only top i’ve always tested neg’ if they want, i tell them i’ll pull out before shooting. i never do. there’s load of guys into being fucked by a guy in bike leathers and crash helmet. so i do them like that the first time, then i get more intimated, smiling, and kissing passionately. i make sure i fuck them at least 5 times, then i stay in touch with them to see how they get on. i’ve done about 20 guys using this method over the years and i’ve only failed once. when they tell me they’ve tested pos i say, “oh god! how did that happen? do you think i should get tested too? thank god for chatrooms. they cant see how much im smiling.

the third method is the most dangerous and hottest. i had a biker mate and for a while we’d go around together using the above 2 methods. one nite we couldn’t find anyone so we rode up to hastead heatlth, London’s cruising area. we wandared about till we saw a cute young asian guy. he was a bit drunk, i think it was his first time on health, we smiled. said hello. and led him to a quiet part of the heath. i started kissig him while my mate pulled down his pants. then my mate pinned him to the ground, and using just spit for lube, raped his ass. i held him down and pushed his face into the mud to stop him screaming. when my mate finished it was my turn. after we’d finished we both pissed on him and told him we both had hiv. we left him there, sobering, soaked in pisss, with our poz loads in his cunt. i still get hard on thinking about it.